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Debtors should stay involved in the Chapter 13 process

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As a Chapter 13 debtor, the law gives you a chance to gain control of your finances while keeping most or all of your property. Please stay involved in the Chapter 13 process. Work with your attorney, and keep him or her advised of the events in your life.

Your Case Number

When your Chapter 13 petition is filed, the Bankruptcy Court gives you a case number. This number is very important. You will need it whenever you call or write to the Trustee’s Office, and whenever you make a payment to the Trustee.

Your Attorney

Under the rules of the Bankruptcy Court, your attorney must continue to represent you for as long as your case is active or until the judge permits your attorney to withdraw from your case. If you have a legal question, ask your attorney first. You should reach a clear agreement with your attorney about the fee. In many cases, your attorney will be paid his or her legal free through your Chapter 13 plan. All legal fees must be reviewed and approved by the bankruptcy judge. You may change attorneys during the life of your plan, but please let the Trustee know the name and address of your new attorney.

Your Name and Address

The Trustee must have your current name and mailing address for as long as you are in Chapter 13. All notices, letters, checks, etc., will be mailed to the address you put on your petition unless you or your attorney tell us to send them elsewhere. Any address or name changes must be submitted to the Trustee in writing.